Friday, March 20, 2009

Long Time NO Write

I looked at my blog the other night and realized I hadn't posted in nearly a month. How did that happen? I know I haven't been that busy; have I?

I took DD with me to the Styx concert at Spirit Mountain Casino. What a fun night, we had hubby join us for dinner at the buffet and then DD and I went to the concert. WOW - it was great we had wonderful seats 11 rows from stage and in the center. The only thing bad- there was this tall guy 2 rows in front of me and he stood the WHOLE time. OK - not only was he tall he was wide. Hard to see around him. I was lucky to get some good shots Yeah!!! One of the best is the picture one of the people around us took of DD & I just before the concert started. Styx had a great stage backdrop and wonderful lighting. The guys sang their best and of course danced all over the stage. I know we both had a great time.

The next day I took a photography class with Chris Becerra. He is a wedding photographer in Corvallis. He (and his crew) took the wedding photos for DD's good friend Lauren. The photos he took are stunning. He shared some great information, took us outside and let us take some shots, we then looked at what we shot and learned how to make the shots better. These are the 3 I like the best.

On the 11th and 12th of March I too DD and her good friend RL to Florence to hang out with the SON and their friends. It was dunes time!! I had a good time, both girls got a ride on a four wheeler and DS even took me on a ride.
But Sunday wasn't as fun as I hoped. I turned my back to the ocean and got tumbled by a sneaker wave. Yes - I do know you don't turn your back on the ocean, I made a stupid mistake. Thankfully I wasn't injured. I rolled a couple of times before the wave receded. A bit scary but I didn't panic.
Here are a few pics I got during the weekend.
The last thing to share for now is a bald eagle shot I got the other week. I have enjoyed looking for bald eagles in the Tangent area. I have wished for a more powerful zoom lens so I can get those wonderful shots. But it is cool to even be as close to an eagle as I have managed to get.
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