Friday, April 3, 2009

AVA Photo Contest

The Albany Visitors Assn. just finished judging their annual photo contest. This is the second time I have entered; but this I was thrilled to find out I actually got some ribbons.

I have always loved taking pictures. I love taking all kinds of shots but my favorite has to be family and nature.

Having done the photo contest last year on a whim and new to entering any photos in any kind of contest. I had no clue what to expect.

The contest rules are pretty easy, photos had to have been taken in or around Albany or Linn County within the last 3 years. There are 5 categories; Events, Landscapes, Scenic, Life in Our Community & Open.
I took several photos I liked and got them made into the required 8 X 10. I didn't enter all the photos I had enlarged only because I wasn't sure I liked the way they looked after being enlarged. All said and done I narrowed it down to 25.

I got a chance on Thursday to see all the entries. Some of them were awesome shots. It was great to see how the entries fit the categories. There were some great shots of a local train derailment, a cute little bird, lots of balloon shots, and some of waterfalls.

Now that all the official judging is done the AVA is holding People's Choice nominations.
I have emailed and Facebooked several people asking for them to nominate mine. I hope to win but am not holding my breath. Good Luck to all the entrants.

I have included some of the shots I entered that are my favorites. If you happen to be in Albany please drop by the Two Rivers Market and the Albany Visitors Assn, vote for your favorite for People's Choice.

~~Musical Hands~~

~~Next Stop - Albany~~

~~Aye Matey!~~

~~Mill Reflection~~

~~Summer Sweetness~~