Thursday, November 20, 2008

Final Fall Day Trip

I just love day trips. I love the ride in the car, music playing, window open for fresh air and the beautiful scenery that I am blessed to see.
Knowing that I was off for a long weekend on the 8th, I decided to take 2 small day trips. One to the west toward Tillamook and the second was to the east toward Warm Springs. I knew that I wanted to check out the routes to these places for future 2 day trips for taking pictures.

I was lucky for fairly nice weather. You know it is fall in Oregon so there will be some clouds and rain. The ride toward Tillamook had some really pretty areas to look at. As there had been rain previously I saw this small little waterfall along the side of the road. I got a few shots of it. Then I saw this barn with lots of overgrown foliage. I turned it to black and white for a different effect, I like it. :) There was a small park that I also stopped at that led to the river. By then it was pouring down rain, but i did try to take a picture of this red berry with a large drop of water hanging from it. I wanted to try and shoot it as the drop was falling but I just couldn't get it.
Finally I made it to Tillamook!! I really wanted to go to the cheese factory. Unfortunately there weren't making cheese that day. Oh well, I loved the little tasting they give you, the line that feeds you into the cheese store, the people looking at the cheeses and the fun foody knick knacks they have. They also have the long line to get your wonderful ice cream. I chose to get their waffle cone with the German Chocolate ice cream. It was great! After enjoying my cone I went into their gift shop. They have many things Tillamook and Oregon. There were some fun t-shirts playing off the cheese theme. The red shirt is just 1 I liked.
The next day I just hung around the house. Went to one of the local parks to take pictures of the fall leaves. Bright colors, large sized beautiful leaves. Softly, gently falling to the ground, with little sound as they land on top of the other. Some taking longer flights than others. But to watch them slowly float is relaxing. It was nice to see a gentleman just sitting on one of the benches enjoying the beautiful fall day. The man spending time with his sons, having a small picnic at one of the tables. Enjoying their time together. Me wanting to catch that moment forever, but not wanting to invade their space. So I settled for leaves on the ground, the leaves on a bench and other shots.
The day trip to the east was interesting. I probably spent more time driving than I thought I would. But I also knew that this trip was for me to scope out what I could do this summer and where I could stop and take pictures next year. I know I want to stop longer in the Sisters area, definitely check out the new lodge they have there, Five Pines. Owned by the parents of our former neighbors Greg & Deb.
There are some great areas I found to shoot. Places I want to see better. Some of the rocky formations, rugged landscapes, raging water. I did spot this fly fisherman along the river. I sure hope he caught a fish.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Last Roloff Blip Of The Year

OK - So this year I went to Roloff Farms twice, I had a great time at both visits.

I really think its nice to see local people doing what they love to do. It was amazing to see the major house renovation. Wow! What a change from last year, the colors and size of the house have changed dramatically. You will notice this more as their show runs this season. Also changes in the way the pumpkin season worked, lines running a bit smoother, two different types of tours, smoother running of the checkout area, Zootopia, Sven's House and the ever changing Zipline.

Our local paper has a section that you can submit a picture of what you or someone in your family has done fun/interesting. So on Monday I submitted the photo of the girls and I with Amy Roloff. The next day (shockingly) the photo appeared in the paper. So of course I cut it out and will add that to DD's ever growing scrapbook.

On Thursday I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well. I usually don't take off work but I figured I really need to get healthy as I have a sleep study I am doing tonight and can't be ill for it. So - Thursday morning I was checking my email and changing channels when I stopped on the local station ending their piece on the Roloff Farm. As I listened to the last 15 seconds I realized this was the piece they were filming on October 10th when I to the farm by myself. I went to the TV channels website and could not locate the segment. So I emailed the station asking how I could view the segment. Within minutes I received a reply from the anchor woman leading me a different site. So I watched the video; to my amazement I appeared in the video! Wow. I laughed at that. I am only there for less than a second and it happens fast; at 27 seconds into the piece. I am including a link so you can laugh to. I think its funny, because right after you see me, the interviewer Brooke asks Matt about people taking pictures of him and I know I am taking about 7 or 8 pictures of him, Brooke and the cameraman.

Roloff Farm Video from Better TV

Roloff Farm Video from You Tube (same segment)

Enjoy the laughs and Happy Fall