Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year

Well - as the first day of the new year comes to an end. I look how I spent it. Alone with Gidget; not bad at all. We took a long walk to get the van that got left at the local restaurant/bar. Played alot. Tried to teach her what NOT to chew on. Worked on her "Sit" and "lay down". The best part of the day - that long nap we both took while cuddling together on the recliner! She is a sweet little thing and soft as silk.

I was thinking what I hope 2012 will look like. I know that it's a big birthday year for several of us in the family. 25, 55, 65 & 95. There was 2 more to that list but they have both since have passed. I hope we can do something special for the 25th & 65th.

I am looking toward what I want to do this year. A) Improve my photo skills B) do a few more senior pics C) do more day trips; include Gidget D) maybe a weekend trip to Seattle E) keep in better contact with dad F) get more organized G) hang out more with the BFF's & lastly H) get back into scrap booking
I really love going on Albany's NOSH tours. I love the tastings, but really love the photo opportunities. I heard there is a walking food tasting tour in Portland, I'd love to check it out too. I find that going and doing these things alone really isn't that bad because I can take my time and not make others wait on me.

So - off I go to check out things to do & load them into my planner. Hope everyone else has great plans for the new year. Night all