Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Last Roloff Blip Of The Year

OK - So this year I went to Roloff Farms twice, I had a great time at both visits.

I really think its nice to see local people doing what they love to do. It was amazing to see the major house renovation. Wow! What a change from last year, the colors and size of the house have changed dramatically. You will notice this more as their show runs this season. Also changes in the way the pumpkin season worked, lines running a bit smoother, two different types of tours, smoother running of the checkout area, Zootopia, Sven's House and the ever changing Zipline.

Our local paper has a section that you can submit a picture of what you or someone in your family has done fun/interesting. So on Monday I submitted the photo of the girls and I with Amy Roloff. The next day (shockingly) the photo appeared in the paper. So of course I cut it out and will add that to DD's ever growing scrapbook.

On Thursday I stayed home from work because I wasn't feeling well. I usually don't take off work but I figured I really need to get healthy as I have a sleep study I am doing tonight and can't be ill for it. So - Thursday morning I was checking my email and changing channels when I stopped on the local station ending their piece on the Roloff Farm. As I listened to the last 15 seconds I realized this was the piece they were filming on October 10th when I to the farm by myself. I went to the TV channels website and could not locate the segment. So I emailed the station asking how I could view the segment. Within minutes I received a reply from the anchor woman leading me a different site. So I watched the video; to my amazement I appeared in the video! Wow. I laughed at that. I am only there for less than a second and it happens fast; at 27 seconds into the piece. I am including a link so you can laugh to. I think its funny, because right after you see me, the interviewer Brooke asks Matt about people taking pictures of him and I know I am taking about 7 or 8 pictures of him, Brooke and the cameraman.

Roloff Farm Video from Better TV

Roloff Farm Video from You Tube (same segment)

Enjoy the laughs and Happy Fall

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