Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roloff Farm - 2nd Visit - 10/24/08

Friday was a great day! I have had it planned for a couple of weeks and was looking forward to it.
I was planning to take my daughter and 2 of her college friends to Roloff Farms, The Cheesecake Factory and the NW Women's Show. I knew it was going to be a really long day but felt that it would be filled with laughter, lots of pictures and some good food.

The plan was we would leave the house early so that we could get to Roloff Farm by 10 when the gates opened. I wasn't sure what traffic to the farm would be like and thankfully we got there about 20 minutes before the gates opened. Surprisingly, we weren't the first ones at the gate! There were 3 cars in front of us. Wow!
We got out of the car and took a few pictures. The man at the gate even offered to take our picture so I could be in it too. Thank You!!

After we parked we went to get our tickets for the Town tour. The girls were excited as none of them had ever been there before. When we were waiting in line I noticed that the bike on the zip line had a new addition - a large pumpkin with sunglasses on it. I said hello to Karen, the lady who did 1 of the tours I took 2 weeks ago. She said she remembered me and was glad that I came back. I introduced my DD (darling daughter) and her 2 friends. She is so nice. A good representation of the people who work at the farm.

While we were waiting for the tractor to fill up the Roloff's dog Rocky came to our little seating area and got some love from the girls and the other people sitting with us. He is such a sweet dog and the girls just loved him. He stayed with us until we got to the "Town" then off he went in search of squirrels.

After the tour we walked around the pumpkin patch. I noticed that there were several guy around the trebuchet, then I noticed that Amy was talking with them. But I was more interested in the trebuchet and what they were doing with it. Then one guy was climbing it and clipping something onto the top of it. As I continued to watch I heard and saw the trebuchet move. The men working with the trebuchet were just seeing if the electrical was working. I heard one man say that they didn't want to keep moving it as people on the field might think they were going to launch pumpkins.

As I was walking away I saw Amy walking up the gravel patch near the tour lines. I greeted her and asked if she could pause for a real quick picture, she was kind and did stop. Thanks Amy!! She said she had to rush, she was going to pick up her son from school. I thanked her and told her she made my day. I told her that we were going to the NW Women's Show and asked her if she wanted to join us. She said she'd love to but she had to stick around the farm and work. But it sure sounded fun. I wish she couldhave joined us. It would have been so much more fun with her with us.

The girls loved having their pictures taken in front of the wagon and on the sofa in the gift barn. We paid for our purchases and started heading to the car when Karen asked if we wanted to take pictures with Amy. "Of Course!!!" Karen wanted me/us to get that done after Amy took pictures with this nice group of men from South Carolina. They did their pictures and 1 of the guys called his wife and asked Amy to say hi to her. She was kind enough and did it. You could tell that the wife was really surprised.

Finally it was our turn!! Karen took a really great picture for us. Thanks alot Karen. That was wonderful and the girls and I are really thrilled to have had that chance.
We will be back next year.

To see more of the shots I took check out my album - Roloff Farm - 2nd Visit

Next was lunch at the Cheesecake Factory - so, so yummy. And I hope that waiter calls DD. LOL
We had a great time at the Women's Show and the girls want to go again next year.

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