Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Pumpkin Patch Trip

Well - October is here. I was thankful for this 4 day weekend. Time to refocus myself. Ahhhhh I can feel those brain cells relaxing. I wanted to something fun on Friday so I decided I was going to go off to Roloff Farms. See how long it takes to get there for when DD and I go to the NW Women's show we can stop there first.

For those of you who don't know - the Roloff's have their own show on the TLC network called "Little People Big World". It shows the family of 6, where 3 of the members have 2 types of dwarfism and how they cope on their 34 acre farm in Hillsboro. They open their farm up during pumpkin season. Many people from all over come and visit the farm during October.

They offer 2 types of tours; the Town Tour & Scenic Tour, have lots of pumpkins ready to take home, a few exotic animals, and lots of stuff for sale.

It was a bright chilly day. When I arrived it looked like it was just beginning to get busy. As I walked through the parking lot I spotted one of the farms "mules" (an all terrain vehicle) with an older gentleman on the passenger side. (Of course I had my camera with me) I thought it might be Matt's father so I took a picture. I immediately went and got tickets for the two tours. I decided to do the town tour first. Waiting is not always my best trait. Especially when I do things on my own. So - I waited for about 40 minutes. The farm was getting busy enough that they had to get another tractor/wagon started. It was a fun tour. The best part was the 10 minute stop at Western Town and being greeted by Matt's parents - Ron & Peg! Our tour guide was great! This wasn't her normal job but she did wonderful. She even told us that Matt was on the farm doing an interview. She asked if we wanted her to call and ask him to stop by and say hi. Yeah - we did!!

We got to have pics taken with Ron & Peg. As we boarding the tractor/wagon Matt Roloff and the interviewer, cameraman and another guy named Dustin showed up. Matt talked with us and we all took pics of him in his mule.

Back at the waiting area for the next tour. Ahh - more waiting. Just under an hour! The tour was interesting. Parts of the farm you wouldn't normally be able to see. Views were great of the distant mountain range and of the lower part of the farm.

After the tour I walked around the pumpkin patch taking pics. I checked on the animals and walked through the gift shop area. I did buy myself a t-shirt. But decided to wait to get my pumpkin until DD and I go together. As I was walking back to the car I saw three guys from the camera crew hanging out, I chatted with them for a bit. They were real nice and asked me questions about how I liked the tours. I told them I liked it but on the scenic tour Matt should think about trimming the trees fo a better view of the mountains, so you don't get random branches if your pics. They thought it was a great idea. All in all it was a great way to spend the day.

Hope you enjoy the shots.
Me with Ron & Peg Roloff

Matt in his Mule

Matt being filmed

Producer guy - Dustin

One of my favs of the day

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