Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Blinded By The Light - Night

About 3 months ago I was checking out the local casinos concerts that I would really like to see. I was thrilled when I saw that Foreigner was coming to Chinook Winds. They were doing a 2 night sow. I chose Saturday night instead of Friday so I could be more relaxed and not have to come directly from work.

I remember listening to them after I graduated high school. I love their music. Many a day I would crank up the stereo rockin' to the sounds of Foreigner, Boston, Chicago, Queen, Steve Miller and more. Driving in the car with the windows down in the summer was the best! I could sing out loud and not bother anyone with my off key, skipped word singing.

I was glad when I ordered my ticket. Knowing I would be sitting on the end of an aisle. Hoping that I would be able to get some good pictures. But, knowing all along, that the day or two before I went to the concert I would have to check with the casino if cameras would be allowed.

I had the day planned. I would leave town about 2, head to Lincoln City to the outlet mall, look for new shoes. (Love those white Reeboks) and check out the cost of a new lens for the Canon digi cam. Go to the casino, gamble a bit, have dinner, gamble and then the concert.

Not wanting to spend a lot on gambling I took out a $5 bill and put it into a machine. Thankfully the machine was kind. I would go up, then go down, then back up a bit again. At a point I was up $30. Yeah!!!!

Dinner was delicious. I got there just before it got crowed and you would have to wait a long time to get your food. Plenty of choices.

With the concert starting at 8pm the doors would open at 7. I headed downstairs looked at the choices of shirts and CD's for sale. I have really never been a person to purchase stuff at the few concerts I have attended. But I did splurge and get a t-shirt and CD. But the catch on the CD purchase was you also got a raffle ticket for the drawing at the end of the night for a signed guitar. OK - I honestly knew the chances of my winning were slim I did it anyway.

After I got my shirt and CD I went to the car to change shirts, wanted to wear the new Foreigner shirt at the concert, and leave the CD; didn't want it to get lost or broken. When I came back they were letting out the VIP people who got to have a meet & greet with the band. I got to chat with this really nice couple who showed me their signed CD. I really liked them. Bid goodbye to them when the doors opened.
I found my seat, a bit further back from the stage than I had originally thought. Bummer, I might have a hard time taking good pictures. The nice lady usher and I chatted while I waited for the concert to start. I noticed the stage had a beautiful guitar set up center stage. Took out the camera to take a shot of it and the usherette said that cameras weren't allowed. The band said that only cell phone cameras would be allowed. She told me I could check it out with the head security guy. His answer was the same.
After the concert started I took the camera out and tried taking pictures. Thankfully no security telling me or anyone else to put the cameras away. YEAH!!!! I enjoyed watching the band sing, dance and flip their hair. I especially enjoyed it when lead singer Kelly Hansen jumped off the stage and onto the railing 1 row down from me, walked and danced on the table or railing.
As the concert was drawing to a close I went up closer to the stage to get some better shots. Hoping that I would be able to get some sort of souvenir from the concert. I almost had my hand on a drumstick. Rats I am too short. But I did get 2 guitar picks!!! Yippee
I got home downloaded the shots I took - can you believe it, over 250 pics and 3 videos.
I had such an awesome time.
Now to wait until this Friday (10/24) when DD and her 2 friends and go to Roloff Farms, Cheesecake Factory and the NW Women's show. It will be soooo fun and another day of photo ops.
If you want to see more of my shots from the concert ...
Hope you enjoy them.

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