Saturday, December 6, 2008

OSU Civil War Tailgate

For the first time in a long time I took up #1 son's offer to join him, his roommate and friends tailgating at the Oregon State football game. I wanted to go as it was Civil War and it sounded fun. No - I didn't have tickets to the game but I thought it would be fun to tailgate.

I would be taking DD and her friend . With #1 son and hubby being avid Oregon State Beaver fans and DD being a U of Oregon Duck; we have our own Civil War at home. :)
We brought some good food, good comfy chairs, big smiles and lots of enthusiasm.

Trying to get a good picture of my Civil War kids was an effort. Son is not a big fan of mom taking his picture. I am limited as to how many pictures I can take of him at any given event. I have to try and get sneaky about how and when I take his picture. But I really want to capture the fun and special moments of his life.

#1 son's housemate has no problem posing for me in the shirt son made and printed up for his friends. I love how he did pose with Jack. I like Jack - he is a great guy, lots of fun and was the first to offer me a ride on a four-wheeler this spring.

These guys make tailgating fun!
I was amazed at the spot they had gotten for tailgating. Really close to the stadium.
I walked all around the outside of the stadium and was so amazed at the amount of people that hang out before the game. WOW!!!

All in all I had a good time and took lots of shots. If you want to see more - go to my Webshots album.
Thanks guys for letting me join you.

Oh - here is DD the Duck carefully placed between two Beaver flags. HAHAHAHA

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