Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Saturday - Morning Out & About

I like Saturdays, Summer Saturdays the best. I have the time to spend walking around the local Saturday Markets. I walk around the Albany Market taking the pictures of the beautiful fresh produce. Enjoying the fact that so much goodness comes to the market from farms nearby.
Occasionally I will drive over to Corvallis, taking in their larger Market. Taking time to smell the sweetness of the ripening fruits. Gazing at the wondrous breads, muffins, cookies and handmade pretzels. Taking time to stop at the booth with the honey, as he has a window with bees doing their dance, making & filling the honeycombs. I watch the people walking their dogs through the market, running into friends they haven't seen in a long time. I love finding the one picture that I just have to stop and take. One stop that is a must is stopping in at Great Harvest Bakery for one of their samples (maybe even splurging & getting a loaf)

If I have no other plans for the day I might just do the Eugene Saturday Market. Now that is an awesome place. They not only do the fruits, veggies & plants but they also do crafts, food, arts & entertainment. It is a place where you can not only get your produce for the week but you can also start your holiday shopping. (

So this past Saturday I went to both the Albany & Corvallis markets. The fruits were just beautiful and they smelled awesome. The colors were just fantastic. One of the vendors had this cute material they were using as a tablecloth. As I was taking pictures of the table I noticed this cute little ladybug that had placed herself right between the sign and an ear of corn. I didn't dare move her for fear she would fly away. Overall I like the shot.

I stood and listened to the Oregon Tuba Ensemble. The sounds were fantastic. The glistening horns pitching high & low. Playing some oldies that my parents used to listen to but yet classic. I loved the reflections of the people playing their respective instrument. I noticed that from where I was standing I was getting a reflection of City Hall. To me it helped that the building is a golden colored brick. I wished I had taken a few extra seconds to get a picture of one of the older players reflected in their tuba.

I took this shot of squash blossoms because to me it is a unique food. Even though I have seen it being used on the Food Network & on menus, I have yet to try one. Why? Mainly because I haven't found them stuffed with something I enjoy. They do look pretty & delicate though.

I look at the flowers that are at the market wishing I had the talent to grow something so beautiful. Amazed at the colors that are out there. The beautiful bouquets. I hope that you are able to stop by your local Saturday Market and enjoy the fruits of your neighbors.

All the best

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