Saturday, July 19, 2008

Looking Back Some

I have been looking at some of the pictures that we collected from moving my mother-in-law out of her apartment this past spring.

There are so many, from all eras of her life. Almost all of them have no markings or details listed on the back. Seeing her as a little girl, beautiful young woman, mom, and wonderful grandma. I find myself wanting to know more about the events that happened in her life. I am in the process of having her look at them with me, writing whose in the picture, the year taken and what was happening at the time. So many places and people to have stuffed in boxes for 81 years.

One of the highlights of this experience has been seeing her as a grandma to my 2 kids. Seeing the joy on her face as see met each one. Helping me remember the times we came down from Bothell to Corvallis to visit her and A's sister.

Enjoying the times we went on day trips or just hung out in her "yard". Ok since I have known her she has lived in two apartments with little grassy area. But we always made it work.
I loved the trips to the coast and the forest.

I have enjoyed looking at my kids when they were little. So innocent, fun, and captivating. How they would love have fun with the silliest little things.
I have spent almost 24 years taking pictures and 10 years scrapbooking times in my children's lives. I love the joy it gives my to finish another book for them.
I know at times they hate that I "always" have a camera with me. But it helps me feel a part of their lives. Capturing moments that would otherwise be lost. There were a few years during elementary school that I did put the camera down and not take pics, but now I don't have those pics, those moments in time are lost and gone forever.
So remember T & N, your mom loves you with all her heart and wants to be there for all the fun, important, and even ordinary times of your lives. You will thank me one day, I promise.

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