Friday, July 25, 2008


For many years I have suffered with allergies, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, itchy ears, scratchy throat, runny or stuffy nose, poor sleep, upset tummy and maybe a few more symptoms. This spring was really difficult as the meds I was using didn't seem to alleviate the symptoms. So right after school ended for the year I had an appointment to see if I could get better/stronger meds. I also asked to be seen by the allergist to
1. actually know what I am allergic to.
2. confirm what I myself narrowed down
3. find out what can be done to make my life a bit more comfortable

So today I had an appointment with the allergist. How interesting it was to sit down discuss what and how I have been feeling and having the DR. decide to do the skin prick test on me.
Using both arms they use prick the skin and touch the open area with a bit of the allergens. You then get to wait for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remember - during this time you can't scratch your arms!!

Pretty quickly I could feel my arms itch and burn. "DON'T SCRATCH" I yelled to myself in my head. Ugh it was torture. While reading a magazine to try and pass the time I would occasionally look down at my arms, the right side itching and getting puffy where they applied the allergens.
The left side was also having reactions but not nearly as strong as the right side. The nurse then told me she put all the "outside" allergens on the right and the "indoor" allergens on the left.
Outdoor allergens - grasses, trees, some weeds. Indoor allergen - cats/dogs, molds, dust mites.
Well - good news is I was right on on what I thought I am allergic to. The bad news - I am right about what I am allergic to.

So - what is the next step? Start getting allergy shots for about 8 months or so. The way I understand it is the doctor will mix up a serum of the allergens and in small amounts give them to me to help build up a resistance. As time goes by the dosage will increase and hopefully my resistance to these triggers will go down. Hopefully when next spring and summer comes I won't have to use as much medications as I currently do or for as long as I do.

Most of the welts from my test this morning were gone in about 3 hours. There was the welt form the cat dander that still lingers on me left arm. I can't remember what they put on my upper right arm but that area is still welted and occasionally itchy. Hopefully by morning it will be gone.

Just another fun way to spend a summer morning.

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