Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well - here it is the first weekend of August.

The weekend was long and fun.

DD came home Thurs evening for the night. I was really glad to see her. She had a bad few days and needed to spend time with her friends/roomies. So off to Portland they went Saturday.

This weekend in town was the Willamette River Festival! The main theme was the KCBS BBQ competition. There were 25 barbecue rs. Such yummy food. This year there were also Pirates around. Below is a shot of one the pirates. Behind him is a monster truck. That thing was tall!!

I was able to take lots of pics. I enjoyed taking ones at the rib eating and the kids pie eating contests. Some of the shots turned out really good. The looks made while people are racing to eat is amazing. How people eat over a pound of food in 6 or 7 minutes is beyond me. I never did make it down to the river at the right time to take pics of the jet ski runners, oh well.

A good thing also happened Sunday, both hubby and I were able to take part in the judging of the barbecue. I have always wanted to do it and finally was able to. I can't believe how intense this was. I would someday like to become one of the official judges. To do that you have to take a class and do an oath.
Well - time for bed. More later this week.

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