Monday, August 11, 2008

Photos and Slideshows

This summer I have gone to two weddings. One of a co-worker and one of N's childhood friend. Both were special and I of course took my cameras. Trying to get as much practice in as I can. Hoping against all that I improve with each shot I take.

For N's friend's wedding I took a little over 200 pictures, both film and digital. Yes - I am still using the film camera! Sometimes I think get better shots with the film camera. Plus it does have the 75 to 300mm lens that I absolutely love. The wediing was at a beautiful vineyard in Salem. The view was stunning, weather was clear, sunny and real warm.
I didn't get alot of the shots I wish I could have but I was happy with the ones I did get. I have several favorites, like the one I took of N when she wasn't looking (and I made it black & white).

There is one of the bride leaning against the doorway wall watching the slide show of her and her husband. I just like that one alot; made that into black & white also. I think it just added to its beauty.

She was such a beautiful, beautiful bride. the gown was just stunning. A princess to be sure. I loved the dress. I hope that one day when N does get married she will choose one just as stunning.

The other wedding I went to was the one for a co-worker. It was held at the church near the house. It was a a beautiful day. The colors/theme was red, black and white. The invites and the other pieces at the reception all had to do with the newspaper.

The bride looked great in her white dress and hat. The lady standing up for the bride had this cute black hat with a pretty red feather. The groom looked handsome in his suit. I was able to take pics - again for practice. They didn't have the usual cake, they have a Krispy Kreme cake, Yummmm.

So - now the weddings are over and I have decided to make slideshows for each of the newlyweds using the photos I shot. I have PhotoStory. Simple and easy to use. Just select the photos you want to use, rearrange them as you want, adjust the speed and lenght of time you want them to be shown, add transitions and music as you wish. I think the turned out well. I just hope they both like them.

Well - I'm off. Time to check email.

Night all.

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