Monday, August 18, 2008


Ahh - the Olympics. Hours upon hours spent in front of the TV watching either your favorite sport or getting caught up (during channel surfing) in a sport you never even considered.

I have watched many of the sports. Things I have never watched before: handball, table tennis, badminton, some Equestrian thing where all they did was walk, weightlifting, a bit of water polo and the usuals, gymnastic, swimming (Go Phelps!!) volleyball, softball/baseball and a few more.

Ok - badminton - why did I keep coming back to that? Tiny racket and a birdie? Who would have thought?

I am sure we all have weird things that we are watching but won't openly admit to. I am proud that as of this writing USA has 72 medals and leads the pack. GO USA!

So - I started writing this because as the Olympics were starting; my wonderful Creative Memories consultant challenged us to do as many pages and journaling as we could from the 8th of August to the 24th. She even had "camps" for us to attend when we could last week.

I was able to complete over 100 pages at camp and worked on a ton of journaling. I still have this week to complete even more pages and journaling.
I really need to catch up on my journaling. A task I always put off.

But I look at it this way - I am working on pages for both kids albums - am current up to mid 2007, I have completed over 13 albums since 1999 and have taken a TON of pictures. So this week my goal is to complete more pages and finish journaling in more of the albums. Wish me luck.

I decided to leave here tonight showing you a few of my August photos.

Here are water drops on leaves. I took this at the U of O Library when I was with N a few weeks ago.

Here are two types of flowers. Also taken at the U of O Library. I love the colors on the flowers.

A young lady makes Ablskaver (sp?) at the Scandinavian Festival in Junction City.

And finally - a sunset, taken in Millersburg when son lives. I love the rays of light streaming from the clouds.

Night All

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