Thursday, July 17, 2008

Newbie Post

Well here I am - My first Blogger post.
I am hoping to share a bit about me, my life and some of my favorite pics.

Things I will share right now:
--> I am in my 50's, yes I said it out loud.
--> I have been married 26 years, yes married only once, lol.
--> I have two wonderful, wonderful children. I am so proud of them. They are the best that I could have asked for in my life.
--> I have 2 favorite hobbies right now, scrapbooking and photography.
--> I have a great boss, but miss the building I was working at before. The staff there is superior. Their current new admin (KJ) has them in a tizzy.

I hope you will stop by often. Check out my posts and even the pics I will post.

All the best to you,

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